Mood Indigo Living is a free online forum for creative, smart, and soulful women who are on a journey to living joyful, vibrant, fully expressed lives.

Our MIL Community is an inspiring and safe environment for all women. It is an opportunity to surround yourself with the support of kind, empathic, inclusive, witty and wise women, who are willing to lift each other up, to encourage and to remind each other that they are truly worthy, valuable and loveable.

Our community forum is a sacred and inspirational space where women can process, explore and discuss hopes, dreams, desires and the deepest parts of themselves, in safety and without judgment. We’ve all seen, heard and been part of the hurt, betrayal, tear-downs and rejection that creates chasms of pain between women. This MIL community however, does things differently!

We are a community of healing, a community of women in support of each other AND a community of leaders and change agents who desire to have deep impact in their communities and around the world.

  • We are a community of women who love laughter and humor, and are able to discuss the intricacies of our personal lives, finding balance in the daily grind, the wonders of flower gardening, the joys of parenting teens, the struggles of all women around the globe, what it takes to be a serious entrepreneur or a mom who chooses to work in the home.
  • We are a community who will see and accept you for whoever you are and wherever you are on your journey to wholeness.

So Mood Indigo Living is the right place for you if you desire:

  • If you crave meaning, impact, connection and a community of wise women
  • To feel understood, heard and accepted exactly as you are
  • To belong to a safe and sacred community
  • A community of diverse women committed to a journey to wholeness and depth

It is my deep desire to create a flourishing community in which ALL women can be seen and heard exactly as we are. To foster a sense of belonging and connection, intimacy and sisterhood that transcends the interweb. Women have been gathering in circles and communities for millennia, and the digital age has brought us a new way to continue this age-old tradition.

So join the Mood Indigo Living community of real women, on this journey to vibrant living in the new millennium.

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